Silver Moon Spelling Rules® Kit (Set 1)


Silver Moon Spelling Rules is a research based supplementary spelling program created especially for struggling spellers. Silver Moon brings spelling rules to life through the use of charming characters, witty images, and logical rules. The instructor’s manual contains: 21 Lightly scripted lesson plans, 21 Independent practice pages, Free downloadable resources to support spelling and reading, 3 Pretests and 3 Posttests, Extension Activities, and several “Tips and Tricks” to support student learning differences. Spelling rule cards correspond to lessons in the manual. Each spelling rule has a witty name and charming image complete with picture clues, and supported with mnemonics. Students will begin to understand how to spell as opposed to relying purely on memorization of patterns within words. The age range is a recommendation. Developmentally, not all children age 6 will be ready for this program.

1 review for Silver Moon Spelling Rules® Kit (Set 1)

  1. Jan B., Homeschool Parent

    My son is 10 years old and has always struggled with spelling. He spells very phonetically, yet he can memorize well enough to pass a spelling tests every week. After the test, he doesn’t retain any of the words. I was really excited to discover this product at the Great Homeschool Convention this past April. What a great way to teach spelling rules so kids can remember and understand how to spell. The names and pictures really support memory. I’m not a teacher, but the lessons are easy to understand and follow. Truly unique!
    Jan B, Homeschool Parent

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