Silver Moon® Spelling Rules Kit (Set 3)



Silver Moon® Spelling Rules is a supplemental spelling program that takes the guesswork out of spelling. Explicit instruction in spelling rules allows students to stop memorizing and start understanding. This program is not grade leveled.  Set 3 should be used after Sets 1 and 2 have been mastered. This is an Orton Gillingham-influenced program. 

Set 3 directly teaches 12 common vowel teams and 13 Bossy R (and W) patterns. There are over 20 lessons total covering 10 spelling rules with optional mini lessons to extend learning. Each spelling rule is accompanied by a direct-instruction, multi-sensory lesson plan, and full-color spelling rule card. Students collect their own set of spelling rule cards as they work through the lessons.

 Set 3 Manual Includes:

  • Optional Bonus Material: Mini-Lessons
  • Spelling Choices Chart
  • 7 Collectible Syllable Cards
  • Logical (yet creative and fun) names to pair with American English spelling rules
  • Full color pictures with hidden clues
  • Teacher talk (the manual tells you what to say!)
  • Explicit modeling of new skills
  • Guided instruction with real words and nonsense words
  • Reproducible student pages
  • Pre and posttests
  • Complimentary support materials online


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