Silver Moon® Spelling Rules Kit (Set 3) Digital Curriculum



All Silver Moon curricular products are Orton Gillingham influenced and can be used one on one, in small group, or large group settings.

Silver Moon’s digital instructor’s manual is the same as the hard good but in digital format. Set 3 explicitly teaches12 common vowel teams and 13 Bossy R (and W) patterns. Additional concepts and more advanced vowel teams are introduced through mini lessons to extend each main lesson’s learning.

This manual includes 11 lightly scripted lessons with 10 additional mini lessons for a total of over 20 lessons. There are 20 independent practice pages, 3 pretests and 3 posttests, extension activities, a spelling choices chart, and “Tips and Tricks” throughout to support student learning differences.

Our digital spelling rule cards come with this purchase and are the same as the hard good, but in digital format. Each rule card corresponds to a lesson in the manual and each has a mnemonic name with a witty image that has hidden picture clues. Rule cards will open in a separate tab from the digital manual and can be flipped front to back and back to front and shuffled for student review.


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